30s dating usa

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I read dozens of studies about love, how people connect and why they do or don’t stay together.

I quizzed the crowds at my stand-up comedy shows about their own love lives.

“And within the states, the numbers vary, too.” For example, “with its lower education levels and a smaller percentage of singles, the state of New York’s overall profile is very different than the one for New York City,” says Cohen.

Knowing this, you can look to states with strong urban centers and the greatest job opportunities if you want to boost your relationship chances.

He quickly deduced that she was the appropriate height (finally! First I texted four friends who travel and eat out a lot and whose judgment I trust. Finally I made my selection: Il Corvo, an Italian place that sounded amazing. (It only served lunch.) At that point I had run out of time because I had a show to do, so I ended up making a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich on the bus.

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These places may offer beautiful scenery and clean living, but unfortunately they aren’t singles magnets if having dating options — and the time to explore them — matters to you. Clearly, all places are not created equal when it comes to opportunities for dating.With the highest share of currently married men, the five states where single women will struggle the most to find a date are: Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Utah and Nebraska.“These are states where people tend to grow up, stay around and settle down,” says Cohen.Somewhere in between these two extremes, you could also try the southwest (NM), where, hopefully, the men are as hot as the food. If all your exes live in Texas, then maybe singles should avoid the Lone Star State.Cohen wonders if singer George Strait was onto something when he sang, “All my exes live in Texas.” The numbers show that Texas is indeed home to more adults that have been married multiple times (i.e., three marriages or more) than any other state, which doesn’t exactly put out the welcome mat to singles looking for one love that’ll last a lifetime.

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