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The code powering the app is slimmed down, and it also can't receive big files like photos or gifs, meaning that those things won't tax your data connection either.

For similar reasons, and because it was originally envisaged as a tool for emerging markets, it has been built to run on as many devices as possible.

Unlike other studies that take an outside perspective, he made no attempt to make real-life contact with his fellow residents.

Some may argue that it is not possible to understand a person's virtual life without knowing their actual-life history.

Some adopt multiple virtual bodies — avatars — and some avatars are controlled by more than one person. The author argues that residents have created a culture in which it is not necessary to know a person's true identity to engage in meaningful interactions.

Anthropologist Tom Boellstorff paints an ethnographic portrait of the online virtual world, Second Life, that is fully immersed in its subject.

To prove that virtual worlds are cultures in their own right, Boellstorff conducted all his research from within Second Life, using the ethnographer's toolkit of interviews, focus groups and participant observation.

When George failed to log in for a whole month, Susan's devastation was real.

He may have died in the real world, or might have simply tired of the relationship, but without knowing his true identity, Susan was powerless to find out.

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