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Lunar Phases, which is Wolfhome's newsletter, has come out with a new update!

To read more about Lunar Phases or contribute to the newsletter, please see here and to read the newsletter, please see here!

They will be riddling you silly so have your wits about you! Howloween, Wolfhome's Halloween and anniversary celebration, will be starting in a few weeks!

We would like your input on what types of events you would like to see. Within the past month, Epilepsy and Voidrae joined the Art Review Team!

To honor this theme, we have collectively chosen the name: Chef Home. This feature will not work for any subscription level below ultimate.

For more information, please take a look at the announcement topic on the Wolfhome Forums.

The Administration as well as the Event Committee have busted out some special Halloween themed contests and events for you, located in The Wolfhome Bulletin Board.Here are a few events happening now and lasting throughout October!Contests ending October 31st:* The Pose Mod & Custom Pose Contest with prizes up to 15 deltas!In celebration of Wolfhome's birthday, it's time for free week!Subscriptions on the chat are now free until November 1st!

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