Be accommodating

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Other red flags that you're being overly accommodating: Right after saying yes, you feel your stomach drop or your heart race, or you get anxious and wonder how you'll ever get it done. To quash requests, even when the prospect makes you uncomfortable: 1. Reassuring the other person about the opportunity you're turning down is one way to soften a rejection, Rego says. As tempting as it is to get into the many reasons why you can't attend your co-worker's birthday drinks, offering a simple, "Sorry, I can't make it! Overexplaining opens up the possibility of working around your unavailability, Newman says. Try: "No, I won't be able to be the PTA treasurer next year; I'm sorry." You've taken a stand, which can help you stick to your guns. Avoid a quick 'yes' you don't mean If you feel a potential marshmallow moment coming on, stop, take a breath, and ask yourself these questions, from Susan Newman, Ph D, a social psychologist and author of Do I have time for this? Try something like, "It sounds so fun; I would love a rain check! SUBSCRIBE to our You Tube channel to keep video production going!

Search the definition and the translation in context for “accommodating”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication.

Women may have a harder time saying no, psychologists and sociologists theorize, because of the way we're raised to value connections.

"Even if you are a very successful person, you're not going to feel great unless your relationships are harmonious," Cohen-Sandler says.

They provided the meeting space and all refreshments and I let them send 4 staffers for free.

Though I hate to travel, I will consider doing this in other cities and piggybacking public seminars onto other paid speaking engagements or consulting assignments. Find out where the local Toastmasters-Rotary-Kiwanis clubs meet.

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