Bondi rescue speed dating

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(Summary from au - Permission granted) Read More Bondi is a circus and some of the high-wire acts performed by the locals defy description.

Two young boys are swept from treacherous "flat rock" leaving them with a bloody momento of scrapes and cuts on their backsides ?

He's the lifeguard who saves those in trouble in the surf at Sydney's Bondi beach.

But, Bondi Rescue's Anthony 'Harries' Carroll's natural instincts to jump into action had to take the back seat when his newborn son struggled to take his first breath.

They know that tourists, alcohol and surf are a dangerous mix.

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Speed Dating is from Rimmel’s long gone Lycra Wear line.

When lifeguards visit him in hospital he becomes very emotional.(Summary from au - Permission granted) Read More There�s a big swell heading for Bondi and the fearsome rips will be working overtime.

But what�s dangerous for mere mortals is a playground for the elite watermen as they take to the water on their rescue boards at the start of the day.

So many different languages abound on Bondi there are comic moments as the lifeguards and victims struggle to make themselves understood.(Summary from au - Permission granted) Read More The lifeguards have an opportunity to show what they�re made of in the Lifeguard Challenge ?

a mid-season competition to prove who�s the fittest and fastest among the elite watermen.

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