Brandy and flo rida dating

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that, despite his stage name, he’s not a Christian artist.The emcee claims that his music is meant to be the “connecting piece between our spirituality and our day-to-day world.” And lately it seems he’s been “connecting” a lot with singer Brandy. She was last involved with music executive Ryan Press back in 2014; the two were engaged but never married.Sonja and Brandy try to figure out why their mother-daughter relationship is so strained, but answers don't come easily.On the business end, Ray J's priorities are called into question and he must decide whether to defend his ways or take a new approach.""The Norwoods feel they need to turn up the heat on some business projects but it's not easy getting everyone on the same page.

Brandy is confronted with a decision that will change her life forever.""It's the day before Brandy's first performance on "Dancing with the Stars" and her nerves are getting the better of her.

She’s also been linked to Terrence Jenkins, Flo Rida, Tyrese, Usher and even went to prom with Kobe Bryant back in 1996!

While Brandy hasn’t released new music for several years, Sir the Baptist is set to release his debut album this year. While performing at Sydney’s Marquee nightclub in Australia, Drizzy noticed an unsavory character in the crowd getting handsy with the ladies.

Things get even more complicated when Rodney tells Ray that Sonja's abrasive reputation in the music industry is causing problems.

Ray J is caught in the middle as the family tries to find balance between business and loyalty."Brandy has an important performance with Timbaland but when office antics get in the way of what should be a happy occasion, some deep-seeded [sic] family issues come to light that threaten to derail the family business.""Tensions are running high in the Norwood family.

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