Bullock dating

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An inside source reportedly reveals to IBT that Brad and Sandra are keeping things very quiet right now until they see how things are going to go between them, it is pretty early in the alleged relationship, so this would be a smart move for both celebs.

However, nothing at this time as been officially confirmed, but should this Hollywood hookup prove to be true many fans also believe that the two would be a perfect pair.

Inside the secret intervention that rescued the megastar from his demons.

Bryan Randall, 49, is the boyfriend who has landed the sexy Sandra Bullock, 51.

In the Big Apple, Bullock took acting classes at the renowned Neighborhood Playhouse and took time taking bartending job to earn some money.

She did the bar-work for three years whilst worked hard at achieving her dream of becoming an actress.

These pieces of information came as a shock to Bullock, who had declined a background check for her new man — against the advice of her attorneys.

People Magazine, however, says it was a graduation, not a birthday party.

After some stint in TV, Bullock moved to LA and was cast in a series of small roles in several independent films before later on landed her first starring role in NBC's adaptation of the movie "Working Girl" (1990).

Sadly, the show only lasted for six episodes and her next roles would not be so juicy as well.

Neighbors have accused him of smearing feces on their door and having rage-filled outbursts so bad that they filed a restraining order against him.

He was also accused of being a deadbeat dad after allegedly leaving his daughter with her heroin-addicted mother.

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