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Here one can delve into watersports, including sailing, waterskiing and fishing.

Rutovu Monument: Gaze upon the monument near Rutovu, in Bururi Province, which marks Burundi’s claim to the source of the Nile.

Educated Burundians generally speak French – the man or woman on the street may not. Burundians are not used to tourists, nor having their photo taken – although the guys below completely disprove that point 🙂 “Lake Tanganyika is second largest of the lakes of eastern Africa.A large amount of birds can also be viewed in Kibira National Park.Lake Tanganyika: Be enticed by the scenic and fun pleasures of Lake Tanganyika, where (in normal circumstances) cafes and restaurants line the lake.Sadly, few people will travel to Burundi until the political situation is resolved.When it is, here are the muzungu’s Burundi travel tips!

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