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I would be considered a successful business woman by any standards.

I was born in Kenya and have lived there all my life.

“A lot of these children are now getting access to mobile phones and technology,” said Siddharth Chatterjee, UNFPA's representative in Kenya.

The men I’d meet did not meet my standards, most of them either hadn’t studied, were intimidated by what I owned or had no job, weren’t interested in finding one and only needed a sugar mummy to sustain their exorbitant lifestyles. Maybe an American, European or Australian would be able to meet my standards better than the Kenyans I’d met so far.

I met several jokers who I dismissed quite early one, some just looking for a free tour guide for their safari.

“(If) somebody builds a software that allows people to anonymously chat about their sexual challenges, and we see tens of thousands of young people using it - that will be the most exciting part of this,” said Sam Gichuru, chief executive of Nailab.

Technology can also reach many more people than face-to-face groups like Olale's.

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