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Our favorite sidekick -- lovable deputy sheriff Barney Fife (aka Don Knotts) -- took home five Emmys, and, rightfully so, but it's shocking that Andy was never recognized by the Academy.There's a million dollar wedge on the show, and you have to jump through hoops, and so many things have to happen for you to have even a chance to win it.“Today I am happy just the way things are,” Vanna exclusively tells , on stands now.

I've got to tweet something funny.' And it got to be too much.

And I'd also like to leave before people tune in and see me and go, 'What the hell happened to him?

I'm in a contract that will take me at least another couple of years.

And then a few years later people said, "Why don't you try it again?

For example, Justin Bieber has a gazillion followers, but are they really interested in anything he's saying?

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