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This is basically royal propaganda that declared how great Ur-Nammu was, how the gods gave him kingship, and oh, they’ve also put me in charge of justice, so don’t murder, steal or rape.Speaking of royal propaganda, Ur-Nammu declared himself “king of Ur,” then “king of Sumer and Akkad.” Shulgi topped this with “king of the four quarters,” (aka the world), and then half way through his reign essentially has himself declared a god. ” Little did he realize that in the 21 century CE he would become the King of Cleveland.I sent the photo to Mesopotamian art expert (and scholar of fakes and forgeries) Claudia Suter, who noted “The overall shape looks modern to me, the upper part is too high and too naturalistic; the chin, if Gudea, is not pronounced enough; the lips too round; and the eyebrows definitely unlike the excavated heads of Gudea’s time.Heads are, of course, sought after objects for collectors and there is a history of fakes around the Gudea sculptures.” A third expert was similarly suspicious, but a fourth and fifth were more cautious.

That the piece came from the antiquities market makes it more suspicious still.

A sometime film and theatrical producer, friend of Nelson Rockefeller and neighbor of Louis Tiffany, Chrysler seemed destined to collect and display art.

In 1958 he bought a disused church in Provincetown, Massachusetts and created a museum, but in 1962, close to 100 of his paintings were accused of being fakes.

Dates were carefully recorded using names of years derived from important political events, such as “Year in which Amar-Suen destroyed Urbilum,” facts that meant something to scribes, as well as to residents of Urbilum.

The crazy level of detail is wonderful for scholars since individuals and transactions can often be traced in amazing detail.

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