Connecticut dating laws

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(Connecticut is not one of them.) The laws in seven of these states are in effect, the laws in two of them have been enacted but are not yet in effect, and in three states, the laws are in effect to a limited degree.

Federal or state courts have blocked the enforcement of ten of these laws.

Twenty-two states have enacted partial birth abortion bans.

APRNs will also be able to issue "do not resuscitate" orders, certify a disability to cancel a health club contract and certifying a disability or illness for continuing education waivers or extensions for various health professions.

Twenty-two states have passed laws prohibiting the use of certain abortion procedures. Such laws are the subject of court challenges in a number of these states. Thirty states, including Connecticut, have laws generally requiring that women receive state-mandated information and materials concerning fetal development, prenatal care, and other related information.

Thirty-nine states prohibit minors from obtaining abortions without parental consent or notice.

While Connecticut does not have such a law, it does require a minor to receive counseling, before getting an abortion, that includes discussion of the possibility of consulting her parents.

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