Dating a priest

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So, Paul is certainly an advocate of lifelong chastity, but he also goes on to say that marriage is an acceptable alternative, to avoid sin: "But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion" (7:9. If he chooses to pursue priesthood, he might be put in a position where sexual sin is more likely.So, allowing non-celibate priests into the denomination? But of course, there's still the question of fairness.

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In response, the conservative Catholic Church is opening up a nationwide diocese to ex-Episcopalians who would like to join Catholicism as a group—a priest and congregation—so church leaders and members who are already comfortable with one another will have a chance to stick together.

These ex-Episcopalians are pursuing the Christian belief system they believe is right; one that follows the Bible and rejects liberal changes, like gay marriage, abortion and so forth.

My Strict Christian Faith Is The Reason I Can't Find A Man It may not be the perfect belief system—I, for one, disagree with parts of Catholicism as a lifelong Protestant, brought up as a Lutheran and currently attending a Presbyterian church—but nothing on Earth is.

But in this move, they have the opportunity to welcome others who wish to believe as they do. Christians should be happy to invite other believers to join in worshipping and serving the Lord.

I think, and hope, Catholic priests will want to welcome the additions to their church.

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