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I now live in Portland, Ore., and for almost a year, many of my nights were spent on Tinder dates.

When things didn’t work out, often I’d suggest that we remain friends. After several rounds of this unusual friend-making process, it struck me that if I were to throw a party with all my “friends,” things could get awkward.

As my dining room filled with more people than I had seating for, I felt my heart swell with gratitude for these friends — even if I met them on Facebook or still don’t know them that well. ) New friends introduce us to new experiences; they teach us more about ourselves.

And they continue to come and go like all relationships, as long as we’re willing to open ourselves up to them. READ MORE: Just when I’m about to leave town, I fall in love How did mistletoe become a symbol of love?

If it works out, great — but if it doesn’t, well, there’s a good chance the friendship won’t survive unscathed.

Contact us anytime on [email protected] we guarantee a fast and individually written reply.Eventually, I did meet people outside of dating apps. They take on new jobs or become absorbed by new relationships and suddenly it’s Friday and the three people who might join you for happy hour are all out of town or busy. And when dating doesn’t go well, it’s friends who show us that our lives can be full of love, even when we’re single.A woman moved in across the hall, and after offering no more than friendly “hello’s” in the hallway for months, I built up the courage to ask her if she wanted to get coffee sometime. She was also new to the city and we were able to laugh at how hard it was to find friends as newbies. With just a handful of friends, I felt like I was all set. I spent a lot of time dating to find that special someone in 2016. The more I want to find that person, the more disappointing it is when sparks fail to fly, or texts go unanswered. As this year draws to a close, I’ve decided that the energy I spend on romantic dating would be more efficiently channeled by looking for more friends instead. That’s what I’m committed to doing this new year — opening myself up to the possibility of new friends. My family moved cross-country to California and I had to attend a school full of strangers in a place where it was bizarrely warm year-round. And each time, rather than improving at making new friends in new schools, I became better at being alone. After discovering that we both live in Portland, I suggested we meet up for a drink. Turns out, friend-dates bring out similar insecurities, nerves and excitement that I experience on dates with prospective partners. Feeling vulnerable, excited and a little nervous means I’m putting myself out there.

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