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With goalkeeping basics the easiest training session in the entire game (seriously it's harder to fail than succeed) you can push up your keeper skills with no effort whatsoever.

The dealing with crosses training isn't much more difficult - just run out ahead of the player and you'll be romping to a top mark.

One of the new features on FIFA 18 is a ‘quick substitute’ system that allows you to make a planned change without the rigmarole of going through the menu system.

That means that should you know your brilliant 18-year-old superstar has all the stamina of a kindergarten kid then you can make sure you can quickly swap him out for your grizzled old veteran who’ll see out the game.

By actively playing training sessions you could add finishing skill to that pacey youngster who is more adept at finding the corner flag than the top corner or forge a young goalkeeper that could quickly become one of the best in the business. Some of the training sessions are pretty tricky and, let’s be completely frank, a bit arbitrary – you can fail some just because the AI is being odd.

However, you’ll soon work out that in some of the training sessions it's harder to fail than succeed.

If, like Dido, you want to be a Hunter again, well, you can - it’s your game you can do whatever you want.

But our advice would be to have a proper go at the game in other modes before beginning The Journey part 2 aka Alex Hunter’s next career stage.

But you might well need to work out what changes might give you a bit of an advantage across FUT and good old online head-to-head matches.This mode will show you shot elevation and a pass receive indicator.If you’re even newer to the game you can set the ‘movement & buttons’ to be reminded of what you’re supposed to be pressing when you want to pass and shoot.Defending in FIFA has been much harsher on slide challenges in recent years and FIFA 18 is no exception.As satisfying as that crunching last ditch slide feels, the truth is that leaving a player on the floor (out of action and position) creates a gap for the opposition to exploit.

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