Dating in santa monica

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You’re likely to bump into a celebrity every once in a while, or someone who acts like one the rest of the time.

Last time I was there, and this is 100% true, I overheard two girls making fun of a blind guy with a cane.

She mentioned that she was into running and looking for a group with which to train.“There’s lots of good groups I can recommend.”She also said she had been on a few dates, all with horrible outcomes.It’s difficult to explain the downtown Santa Monica bar scene to an outsider for the joy and misery it has brought me over the years. Full of the most beautiful people imaginable with the ugliest of personalities. experience: beers, ocean sunset views, upscale atmosphere, Ray-Bans, perfect hair and absurd cleavage.Still, I find myself making appearances there for birthdays/special occasions or at the end of the night, pending the typical infinite and unwavering line outside.Arriving is always a terrible experience, but after only a few overpriced beers, it transforms into something greater, like a Steven Seagal movie -- appalling yet entertaining in unintended ways.

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