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But the idea of only dating one type of person for their religion (or for their ethnic group, as I define my own sense of what it means to be a Jew) seems deeply troubling to me.No matter which way you put it on paper, it is related to the same course of logic that was used fifty years ago to ban interracial dating.Raised in a traditional Conservative Jewish household in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the idea of exclusively dating Jews -- and eventually marrying a Jew -- was ingrained into my consciousness at a young age.

My sense of Jewishness should not be defined by whom I date or marry, but by the way I put Jewish teachings and ideology into practice.

The paradigms and definitions of what it means to be a Jew today are ever-shifting.

In this vein, my desire to be an observant Conservative Jew and to one day in the future have a Jewish household is far from impossible. And ladies, for the record, regardless of whether you're Jewish or not: if you can make a mean matzoh ball, call me.

Our singles community is massive, and you're only a couple of clicks away from finding a date.

I am the kind of nice Jewish girl who gives my mother nightmares.

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