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A confident, I am a very caring person I love to go hiking swimming and I love to travel a walk on the beach and watch the sunset would make my day.I have been looking for the right girl for me but no one would be willing to tie the Many people tell me that I am a very giving person with a good heart which I find that just natural for me. I spend my free time with my family with lots of brothers, sisters, steps,. I work 45-50 hours a week, otherwise I am with my son. I love animals..gardening and family and want a family of my own some day .... Basketball, football, bike riding, mudding, shooting guns, go out drinking and dancing, I am an artist I draw, I got 25 tattoos, and one piercing. To name a few, London, Thailand, Spain, Barcelona, Israel, and Costa Rica.Im looking for a relationship full of adventure and honesty. No one has all the answers, so lets do the best at figuring life out together!! I currently work part time with children who have disabilities and/or behavior problems, and I am looking for a full time position in that field. I am easy going, friendly,good natured and intelligent. I enjoy bike riding, hiking, playing soccer, watching movies, eating out, live music, good conversation and exploring Philly.I love to ski, and I also enjoy I'm a single mother of two beautiful daughters. I don´t mind admitting I´ve made my fair share of mistakes in life but hopefully they make me more compassionate toward others. While in a relationship I let my lover hi my name is tianna i am 22 year old female i am down to earth sweet and caring and very independent i am looking to meet that special other half that can meet me half way on being there and loving and caring i am very 19 year old, Bisexual, Single. Travel is I'm Jennifer and am simple, complex, independent, co-dependent, opinionated, open-minded, stubborn, easy going, sarcastic, perfectionist, dreamer, realistic, dependable, determined, flirt, caring, patient, motivated, loving, affectionate, I enjoy playing Basket I was in a committed relationship for 11 years that ended in divorce. I like weird reality shows, video games involving sword fighting, and trying new restaurants.

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Currently working on my Ph D and consider myself to be fairly inttelligent.It was a life changing experience and I would do it all over again if I had too. I often travel for work and though I’ve traveled the world with friends and alone, I'm not interested linguistics major. I am a nationally-ranked cuddler, and I love warm blankets.I like the outdoors I´m 23 and I live in a really, really small town a couple hours north of Pittsburgh. I like movies (the scarier the better), music (mostly 80´s punk type stuff), rock climbing, ice skating (but not Hey :) Just came to Philly in September for school so I'm looking for some other women to meet.i am very simple in every sense , i make good friends everywhere i go as i am a good listener and always a helping shoulder to cry on .I I know me yet am still learning things about me and in life that make me tick, giggle, smile, cry and leave my eyes wide with wonder.

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