Dating sites top referrers

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If the numbers jump around wildly from one simulation to the next, these confidence bounds will appear wider.Allie Van Nest works with’s marketing team as Head of Communications.For more information about Cloud Front access logs, see Access Logs.The number of requests submitted by the referrer as a percentage of the total number of requests during the specified period.The referral dashboard allows you to compare the biggest referrers, like Facebook and Google, but also allows you to track and compare other meaningful sources of traffic that don’t get as much attention.Almost one year ago, distributed an Authority Report that included information on top traffic referral sources to our network.You can display the Top Referrers report for any date range in the previous 60 days.Data for the Top Referrers report is drawn from the same source as Cloud Front access logs.

Near the bottom of the list, referrers constantly rise onto or drop off of the list, so the totals for those referrers are approximations.

For each of these alternate realities, we keep track of the share of referrals from external sources like Facebook or Google.

By analyzing how these numbers vary from one simulation to the next, we can create confidence bounds.

The 25 referrers at the top of the list of 75 referrers may rise and fall within the list, but they rarely drop off of the list altogether, so the totals for those referrers typically are more reliable.

The following list shows how values in the Top Referrers report in the Cloud Front console correspond with values in Cloud Front access logs.

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