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This timeframe may vary depending on whether the dentist is a generalist or specialist, as well as on the availability of other practitioners in the area.During this timeframe, the dentist should be available for emergency care.It is sufficient for the dentist to refer the patient to a local dental society for a referral.It is also sufficient to simply provide the patient with a copy of the Yellow Pages listing of local dentists.

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Abandonment is difficult for the patient to prove if a dentist follows the proper and required steps in order to terminate the dentist-patient relationship.How to terminate the relationship Any dentist contemplating the termination of a dentist-patient relationship should notify the patient of the dentist’s intention to terminate the relationship.A letter should be sent to the patient by certified mail with a return receipt requested, which informs the patient of the reasons that the dentist-patient relationship is being terminated.In addition, if a potential subsequent treatment dentist contacts a dental office in order to ascertain the reason behind the patient seeking a new dentist, office staff must be trained how to properly handle the discussion.No member of the dental staff should malign the patient, as this might interfere with the formation of a new dentist-patient relationship.

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