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"The question was: Do you want to buy it or do you want me to buy it? But since IBM had already had decided to go with an open architecture, it wanted Microsoft to purchase it.

Besides, Sams says, "If we'd bought the software, we'd have just screwed it up." Gates, Steve Ballmer and Microsoft's Bob O'Rear met with IBM in Boca Raton and agreed that Microsoft would coordinate the software development process for the PC.

Some questions that my friends asked:"Is this better than civil war? "Is this the most mind-boggling thing you've ever seen on screen? Yes, because the effects were amazing and things I've never seen before.

" - Well visual-wise on par, but story-wise civil war is better for many reasons including the fact that civil war had a lot of background information to work with. No, nothing was so mind-blowing that it made me think different of the world or something.

In the early PC market, Microsoft had established itself as the largest producer of computer programming languages, notably with an interpreted version of the BASIC language that had become the default standard on just about every major PC to date. (DRI) had become the leading operating system vendor with its CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) operating system, which was designed for the Intel 8080 processor (and later used on the Zilog Z80) and used on machines such as the Osborne 1, Kaypro II, and even the Apple II using a Z80 "Softcard" from Microsoft.

Back in July 1980, before Project Chess was formally approved, IBM first sent a team led by Jack Sams, who would be the director of software development, up to meet with Microsoft to discuss the PC market, but the talks seem to have been in general terms, with IBM not disclosing many details of the actual PC.

Gates is quoted in Fire in the Valley as saying "Gary was out flying" that day, but Kildall always denied the implication, telling the authors of Hard Drive that he had flown on a business trip to the Bay Area.

IBM and its lawyers met with Kildall's wife, Dorothy Mc Ewen, and presented Digital Research with a one-sided non-disclosure agreement, which the company refused to sign.

(It would later be renamed 86-DOS, and sometimes referred to as SCP-DOS.)By most accounts, Nishi was the one most strongly in favor of Microsoft getting into the operating system world, and Allen says in his autobiography that Gates was less enthusiastic.

After the project was approved, on August 21, Sams and his colleagues went back to Microsoft and discussed licensing Microsoft's languages for the IBM PC, including not just BASIC, but also COBOL, FORTRAN, and Pascal.

Microsoft had already been working on 8086-based languages for other companies, so it seemed a logical fit.

I usually rate movies by different aspects, but i'll also answer some questions my friends had about this film which I also had myself! They embody their characters instead of trying to act like the character. There is a scene in the beginning where the ancient one shows Dr strange "the magic" and it is great! Though this isn't THE best marvel movie, it is truly one of best out there.

Some serious mind-bending stuff combined with great visuals to let it manifest itself to the audience. After the disappointing Jason borne, jack reach er etc. GO Watch this movie in Max 3d if possible, because it is worth it for once! Apparently there are two, but we got to see only 1.

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