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Internet Cafe', Public Library and Schools with "locked" PC's are usually accessible... This is the hard coded instructions to "boot" your PC.If you can MODIFY the BIOS to boot from USB, CD or DVD. Even "locking" the BIOS is no longer safe as "Flash" programs can 'reprogram' most any BIOS.Then you can load and boot many OS and see files on their HDD.Once the BIOS (bypass BIOS passwords on page 6) is set to boot from other media (USB/CD/DVD) you can load you OWN OS and login. Load a small Linux or other OS, fast and easy from USB or CD/DVD (see Live CD or use my instructables) ///post your ideas///! Specific PXE or GRUB boots and small USB drives can boot most any OS you choose.Try setting the correct time and date, save the settings and then reboot.If after turning off the computer the time and date get reset again, replace the CMOS battery.Shorts or restes can 'fry' and many sites offer replacements/swaps. File systems are the way data is encoded on the hard drive.It's not encrypted nor protected except for EFS or secured shadowed and hidden file systems using triple DES and PGP. Modify as below the "Boot order"Insert a CD/DVD or USB boot drive and your in!

If your time and date are not set correctly, your CMOS battery is more than likely bad.In some laptops the CMOS battery could be easily accessed from the bottom, as it shown on the picture below. In some laptops the CMOS battery is hidden under the keyboard. Here’s the most common problem related to the CMOS battery.Each time you turn off the laptop it resets date and time back to factory defaults.Any laptop computer has a CMOS battery also known as RTC battery.The CMOS battery connects directly to the laptop system board and helps to retain important BIOS settings such as system time, date, BIOS configuration while the laptop is turned off or even when the main battery is removed.

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