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"The marketing challenge for us is to integrate our product into guys' routines, to [help them] see the benefits of a confidence boost and to feel more attractive." The brand achieved that and more, becoming No. And it did so using a celebrity pitchman with a past so scandalous that his Lynx ads can't even be seen on Chinese on TV.

The strategy was hatched after BBH, which handles Lynx's creative work worldwide, and its Shanghai-based team started fanning out across China to understand the nuances of dating culture.

A recent report from Beijing-based CTR, a joint venture between CITVC and Kantar Group, found that deodorant has the biggest potential.

A slew of Hong Kong's top starlets were shown in hundreds of graphic images, destroying their squeaky-clean personae. Chen fled Hong Kong—the territory's entertainment industry has well-known ties to organized crime—and told a press conference he was quitting entertainment "indefinitely." The 31-year-old has since returned to Asia, apparently rehabilitated, and the Lynx gig is among several new commercial projects he's taken on to rebuild his image.During an interview last Wednesday, the 16-year-old model broke down and admitted that Edison filmed a 2-minute bedroom scene but stressed she did wear underwear and a uniform while doing it.She said Edison wanted to film her, saying it was for his company."Although we were together for only three months, we really had a great time.He loved me so much at the time and I believe he was wholehearted," she told the media, with even more tears rolling down her cheeks.

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