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Facebook is testing a new function across six countries.

With this, media outlets' and other companies' products will be less prominently placed on its page. Scientists have said that Ross 128b has a similar mass and surface temperature to that of Earth.

An art project in Berlin based on the gay chat app @Grindr has set off a debate over the online privacy of geo-location dating services, and the effect they might be having on their users.

For five days in early October, Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven broadcast his Grindr chats onto a projection screen inside a glass cube situated on a public square in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood.

"I'm working with a woman who has a done a similar project called ' Watch me Work ','" Mc Glotten says. The similarity is the people with whom she is interacting don't know that their exchanges are being projected onto a screen, or that they are part of an art project.

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"That would seem to be what drove people's outrage," Nyong'o says.The tasks of implementation and raising ambition are ahead, says IRENA's Adnan Amin.A look at an entrepreneur who wants to revolutionize the ad industry.The artist maintains the project stoked a necessary debate on privacy and identity online.GEO-dating apps still appealing Grindr has become one of the best-known sex navigation apps.

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