Healthy dating habits

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This can be difficult if you feel irritated, restless, or just plain exhausted from the woes of regular daily life.Happy marriages contain people who choose to live in the moment. When you are in a slump of a bad mood or a bad day, choose to change your attitude.If you automatically get on your knees and pray when you roll out of bed, then you have formed a habit of saying morning prayers.

Eventually, forcing silliness and smiles will become automatic as you continually choose happiness over stress and frustration when spending time with your spouse.

However, if you want to have a happy marriage, do not turn to people outside of your marriage to vent about the arguments or shortcomings of your partner.

This loyalty in marriage breeds confidence and security.

They are the couple that seems to always have it together. Happy marriages are made robust over time through the consistent practice of healthy habits.

When things aren’t going smoothly in life, they still look unruffled and content in their marriage. A habit is formed when a behavior becomes automatic.

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