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In the following section, we explain why the quality of our “game” didn’t matter on Horny What’s Wrong With Horny Matches.com? So why didn’t we meet any women on Horny Matches.com? Like so many of these hookup sites, if we wanted to get laid, we would have needed to go hogging.We’re not saying there aren’t attractive women on Horny But only a small percentage of them are actual women seeking a FWB relationship.Please, Please tell me why NOBODY within 100 miles is checking me out BUT women from California and Florida and Indiana, etc.Some of them 2000 miles away would even find my profile. These emails always appear to be from a female in your area, complete with pictures and local address. If you look around long enough, you notice a disturbing consistency of similar photos bearing different names. It is very shrewdly done: at the beginning, one email is sent and then another about 15 minutes later making it look as if this chic is really serious about hooking up.

So call me old, but Im dating now and having a great time at it. I can better pass my time playing solitaire than chasing imaginary women on...After signing up for and *thank god* not paying them anything, I noticed that I was getting a lot of winks from "Gold Members" who wouldn't respond to further winks by providing other contact information or teeing up some way to meet. However, after reading ripoffreport's reviews, I tested the waters by adding a line saying that Gold/Silver members who failed to provide alternate contact information would be assumed to be HM staff trying to dupe me into signing up. This is the pathetic excuse: "We did allow this in the past but research has shown asking for an email address makes you a target of spammers/scammers, so in order to protect you & all other members against it we don't allow this anymore.Altought i didn't found any info about them on the net so i can't tell you how many members they have, what is membership price etc.There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t regret having signed up for Horny

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