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Todd is skeptical about it, and Sonny doesn't like the idea at all because of the fact that Starr pulled a gun on him.Kate tells Sonny that she thinks it's great and then Sonny sees the bright side.On April 8, Michael is talking to Starr on the phone and Starr says that they are breaking up because she is staying in LA.Later on, after the horrible breakup, Michael has an off-screen connection with Brenda Barrett at Metro Court Bar.

Starr's portrayer Kristen Alderson is now playing Kiki Jeome, the daughter of Ava Jerome and Silas Clay, although she was thought to be the daughter of the crazy artist, Franco.

Starr backs off Sonny and Michael turns her in to the police. Her dad, Todd Manning, makes a deal with Sonny that if Michael recants his statement to the police that he will keep his mouth shut about Sonny's girlfriend, Kate Howard, being responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires, which is information Todd overheard. On the Fourth of July, Michael takes Starr to the Quartermaine's and, while they watch the fireworks, they kiss and decide to try dating to see how it goes.

Michael's mom, Carly Jacks, and Starr's mom, Blair Cramer, are fine with the two dating; but the dads aren't.

From the regular social media postings by Cheryl featuring Kelly, it seems far more likely that Kelly is single right now, playing the field, not in a committed relationship, and not with Billy Miller. Even if Billy and Kelly are dating you would never know it.

They were photographed on a beach in Malibu frolicking in the waves in the Summer of 2015, and then they were snapped separately but at the same restaurant in late 2016.

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