Intimidating shout wow

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We've seen some confusion recently about exactly which crowd control effects share diminishing returns.To hopefully clear that up, we're providing the following, categorized lists of all of the CC effects in the game.Benefit: When you use a shield larger than a buckler, any ally within 5 feet who is not using a shield gains a 1 shield bonus to his AC. Benefit: When you successfully counter a spell, instead of dismissing it entirely, you may choose a new target for the spell.Any ally within 5 feet who is using a shield gains a 1 circumstance bonus to AC. To do so you must spend a spell slot that is at least the same level as the spell you are deflecting.Warriors can select Battle Shout as one of their warrior bonus feats.

The second effect of the same category (as listed below) that is used on you will only last for 50% of its normal duration, and the 15 second window will be restarted.This feat does not grant more attacks of opportunity than you are normally allowed in a round.Benefit: When you are assisted in a Craft check by at least three other people who each have at least 1 rank in the same Craft skill, each assistant who succeeds at her check to assist you grants you a 4 bonus instead of the normal 2.Make a Spellcraft check (DC 15 the spell’s level); this is a free action, and it does not require a readied action.If you succeed, you identify the spell and may automatically attempt to counter it according to the normal counterspell rules.

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