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"However, linking the issue with Telegram and cyberspace just indicates the size of the damage that [hard-liners] have suffered in the elections." Iran has one of the world's toughest online censorship regimes, with tens of thousands of websites, including social media and news sites, filtered to remove content deemed sensitive or immoral.

"[Hard-liners] are after filtering cyberspace so that they limit information and channel it to their benefit," Imanabadi said. People get information through various ways." ​Outpouring Of Support Iranian media has been criticized for initially failing to cover Qoreishi's killing, but the overwhelming response of the Iranian people has kept the crime and its ramifications in the public eye.

Telegram, one of the few digital social platforms not filtered or banned in Iran, has become the most popular messaging and content-sharing application in the country.

This is a contemporary show with adult content and subject matter, presented through a twisted sense of humor.

Neither assumption has been been confirmed by police, who are still awaiting autopsy results.

But while society has taken the tragedy as an opportunity to question the treatment of minorities on Iranian soil, Rajanews was in no mood for self-reflection.

"The result is the bitter tragedy that we are witnessing today." The website, which has ties to prominent hard-liners, is referring to the April 9 killing of a 6-year old Afghan girl that has prompted an outpouring of remorse among ordinary Iranians.

The outcry over the death of Setayesh Qoreishi, allegedly at the hands of an Iranian teenager, has been fueled by the widespread belief that the girl was sexually assaulted and her body doused with acid in an attempt to cover up the crime.

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