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If a wife calls his husband and he’s in dewaniya he WILL take her call (probably step outside to do so). If the wife explains she really needs him to come home, or needs something from the store, he WILL leave dewaniya right then to keep her comfortable. A very high honor since the women in his family are most important in his life. And if they’re not followed then in HIS mind he’s not engaged. Of course the bullet points above are from either personal experience or simply witnessing those around me for many years.The Iraqi army has banned the use of burqas in Mosul after Islamic State used the garment to carry out deadly attacks in the city.Exceptions exist, in particular where the workplace requires the face to be hidden, or for the carnival season.Violations can result in fines and/or up to seven days in jail.

It prohibits 'appearing in places accessible to the public with a face masked or hidden, in whole or in part, in such a way as to be unidentifiable'.

The controversial garment has divided opinion in Europe and many countries have discussed stopping residents from wearing it, many citing security fears.

In the UK, there is no law restricting people wearing a burqa for religious reasons, but some judges have asked women to lift their veils to verify their identity in court.

Ukip's manifesto explicitly said the party 'will ban wearing of the niqab and the burqa in public places'.

Speaking while campaigning in Boston, Lincolnshire, Mr Nuttall said the policy would apply to 'face-coverings in general'.

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