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As Running Times reported in 2012, none of the women dropped out, only one fell at the finish while leaning for the line — not unusual for men or women — and three others bested the previous world record.

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Thanks in large part to testosterone, men are generally heavier and taller than women.

The pseudoscientific ideas that blocked female ski jumpers for so long are similar to the ill-informed notions that put hurdles in front of women’s track.

In the interest of protecting female runners from feared consequences such as infertility and premature aging, all women’s events longer than 200 meters were eliminated after the 1928 Amsterdam Summer Games.

“It is the rates of improvement that are so strikingly different,” they wrote.

“The gap is progressively closing.” In 2004, Nature featured another such paper: “Momentous sprint at the 2156 Olympics?

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