Mj dating

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While Justin awaits his ride to the airport, MJ tries to confront Kara about ratting her out to Garrett.

Recently, MJ talked to Perez Hilton about baby-making and wedding planning, explaining that: I think that Tommy and I will be planning on expanding our family very soon. and have the wedding planned, I can’t imagine skipping a beat before starting a family. you know, things I thought were beautiful the first time I saw them.

, we’ve see Mercedes Javid, aka MJ, dating the delightful misfit Tommy Feight, 37.

Though Tommy doesn’t blend in with the rest of the Shahs, he is a refreshing addition to the cast.

His third and final child, son Prince Michael Jackson II, was born to an unnamed surrogate mother on February 21, 2002.

In July 2009, it was revealed Jackson's will named Diana Ross as the next-in-line guardian for his children, after his mother, Katherine.

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