My daughters dating a black

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And also, be careful how you present them or she'll do it to spite you.Good Luck Well, you can influence who she likes, but ultimately, she will form her own opinions about people of other races, and the world in general.Back in the 1950's or so they made this movie about a black woman who was so light skinned she passed for a white woman. Whatever culture you are, your background, church, community, etc.

With race aside they are worthless not only as a boyfriend, but fathers as well.

And no, i do not expect my daughter to date at 11, black or white. I know the reality of raising a daughter is she will want to date and at the approriate age.

I want her foundation to be layed long before she reaches that age.

My daughter's happiness is more important and takes premise over my personal feelings. If you don't want your daughter to date black men, then you should be able to present her with VALID reasons why you think it's so wrong.

I myself can't come up with anything...I guess I'm no help at all except to tell you that unless you do have valid points and prove why it's so damaging to her then you're at a loss.

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