Not drinking and dating

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She says she now recognizes sex as an intimate act, “not a bargaining tool or an IOU.

I also learned I never have to have sex unless I want to. When it comes to sex, you’ll be confident in a way.

It was usually very easy for me to accept any and all invitations to go out for drinks, and I wasn’t picky about the company.

It is not just to please their partners; it's also to please themselves."For Lisa Nixon, Price’s cofounder at Sacred Recovery, that means communicating a lot more during sex than she used to and even making more direct eye contact.“This weeds out the crazy party animals and leaves me with social drinkers or guys who really don’t care much for booze,” she says. “I would make jokes like, ‘When I drink I tend to break out in handcuffs,’ which lightened the mood,” says Lucy Price of Victoria, British Columbia, cofounder of Sacred Recovery.“But as the years went by, I became more comfortable in my skin, so now I’ll just say I'm an alcoholic in recovery.”Dr.Yeah, there’s the coffeehouse date, a sober standby, but Lara Frazier, 33, of Dallas, who's been sober for three years, says it’s possible to get more creative.“I think it’s fun to grab coffee, but also to go on a hike or meet at a walking trail. Go people-watch at a public area and just get to know each other,” she says.

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