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We were walking down the mall and I was amazed that all day nobody seemed to know I was a guy.I even had seen a few guys checking me out like I was girl.I remembered I had bought a halter top when I bought those shorts. We don’t have all fucking day.” He was mad, so I hurried up and put on the shirt I had on last night and tied it over my stomach. I had forgotten my chastity device.” I got it out of the drawer and put it on my dick. I said “I’m sorry for taking too long.” Jack looked me up and down. I lowered my mouth until it was just above his cock and he pushed the back of my head down on his cock. We were going down the highway with me sucking him the best I could when I heard a horn blow.I clicked the lock and didn’t know what to do with the key. I never stopped but Jack laughed and said “I think the truckers like you.Get back on the seat with your knees pulled up.” I never stopped sucking his cock as I climbed back on the seat and put my knees under my body.My mouth was on his cock and my ass was up pointing towards the passenger window. He grabbed the hair on the back of my head and shoved me down until his cock was all the way down my throat. Then Jack said “Do it and I will let go.” I couldn’t get my shorts off fast enough and when I did he released my hair.There were vacant building everywhere and a few people that looked like they were wondering around. I want you to get out of the truck and walk down this street.I’ll pick you up in three blocks if you make it that far.

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He even made me but heels and boots at a shoe store.All you got to do is anyone you pass you got to ask them if you can suck their cock!If they want you to you got to go with them and do as they say.How It Started 3 1 and 2 were posted earlier After Jack left I jumped up and got in the shower.It was Saturday and I didn’t have to work until Monday. I went back to the kitchen to where Jack was standing and put my hand out with the keys.

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