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Maybe they’ll have a significant other or friend with benefits in tow, ready for bed.

Maybe they’ll be staggering home to fall into an inebriated sleep, paper by their side.

As a guy I wonder why do women want to be proud of such a label? He said "There's a cougar on the bed." I said "Yeah, I think it's me." The word already sounded out-of-date as soon as I said it. Or is this another double standard where women are once again scornfully categorized based on totally subjective and ridiculous yet rigid criteria? Silver Fox, for example, or "Hugh Hefner." Monica Hesse: Cradle Robber comes to mind, though that's pretty gender-neutral. _______________________ A better reason: You missed a key point: "cougar" just isn't funny. I see sexism and I see agism from younger women who don't want their own thunder stolen. Ellen Mc Carthy: Nothing -- NOTHING -- is icky about a sexually confident woman over 40.

C.: Doesn't the term "Cougar" imply a desperate predatory behavior? Somehow Dirty Old Woman just makes me think of a lonely cat lady. _______________________ The word is as dated as "groovy": My boyfriend and I were lying down the other night, and my cat started stealthily creeping up to the pillows. _______________________ Springfield, VA: Is there a comparable equivalent term for single sexy men of the same age? Ellen Mc Carthy: There are lots of comparable names for men, most of them flattering. What is so icky about a sexually confidant woman over 40?

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but their number one criteron make sense to us: an emphasis in profile questions on mutual interests and honest self-representation over looks and sexual prowess.

Bowling Green State University professors of gerontology, Dr. The study authors also delved into the question of which features make a dating site a good fit for seniors.

They’re not going to turn their backs on my fellow cougar-poser and me. That’s the kind of wonky, knowledge-hungry people we are.

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On the patio, my wingman corners a 24-year-old cub allegedly well-versed in the ways of cougars.

Jobs, extended stays abroad and favorite high school movies are all off the table. He won’t discuss cougar escapades in front of them. Maybe it’s the government vibe or the political air that tinges everything here, including who hires you some of the time.

Conversation is an endless dodging of topics that would flag the age gap. Cougars don’t go out in the rain.” He wants to say more, but others walk up.

My fellow cougar-poser is inching toward the stairs. “Ask if the fire’s wood-burning or gas.” “That’s stupid,” I tell him. Within five minutes, we return to our Cougar Coach. “We didn’t want anything more to happen,” I remind him. I mean, let’s face it: who wouldn’t rather be with someone closer to their own age if they can before last call? It’s filled with bars no one over the age of 24 wants to enter, very cheap beer, even cheaper pizza by the slice just outside. “The cougar relationship is a beautiful thing,” the young guy next says. No one’s feelings are hurt.” The men around us nod. More than money or looks, information—about politics, refugees in war-torn countries and even the sex lives of others—is our currency. It’s still raining and the roof’s leaking so the bartender wears a rain slicker. “Do you get a lot of older women and younger men meeting here? “I’m working on a dispatch about whether or not we’ve got a cougar scene in DC.” “Sometimes, sure.” But I look around and realize that, for all the young men and women, we’re the oldest women in the bar. Maybe they’re in Dewey, waiting out the rain with an off-duty lifeguard.

Unless both parties are a) very drunk, b) ready for sex, and c) able to ignore the watchful crowd around them, the center will not hold. If you’ve visited DC, you’ve probably noticed that we’re not overly fit or fashion-forward. We like talk and, if someone’s got enough time to keep their bodies too perfect, that person’s probably not talking, or thinking, enough.

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