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Theresa May has been accused of overseeing “an unprecedented workforce crisis in the NHS“ after it emerged staff vacancies have risen by more than 10 per cent in the last year, with tens of thousands of posts left unfilled.Official figures revealed that in March this year there were 30,613 vacant full-time positions advertised by NHS England – up from 26,424 in the same month in 2016 and 26,406 in 2015. The board sent the project back to committee for further review and recommendations. After discussion, the request was not approved because only two bids were submitted and they exceeded the amount budgeted for the work. So as to reasonably accommodate the request and per recommendations of the association's legal counsel, the Board approved the request subject to proof that the owner's contractor is licensed and insured. “NHS staffing levels are reaching crisis point,” said Janet Davies, head of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).“At the very moment the NHS needs to be recruiting more nursing staff, we learn the number is falling and the NHS finds itself advertising for more jobs we know it cannot fill,” said Ms Davies.“We are also seeing the impact of pay cap, prompting staff to seek work elsewhere.

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“Tough language tests, and the uncertainty that Brexit has created for current and potential EU staff” has contributed to this, she said.

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Planter Repair - waterproofing complete, painting scheduled for next week. Recreation Room Television - a 46” tv and wall mount purchased & installed. Fire Sprinklers - inspected by Fire Department and signed off. Plumbing Consultant- 3 firms contacted re investigation of plumbing complaints.

Politics K-12 Senate Tax Plan Doubles Teachers' Deduction The changes would allow teachers to deduct 0 from their taxable income for purchases they make out of pocket for their classrooms, from pencils to software. Peanut allergies in children have increased 21 percent since 2010, a concern for school officials who must be prepared to counter severe reactions.

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