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Being able to communicate this potential to vulnerable individuals is far more difficult than it would seem.It is hard to present a realistic view of the world as it exists without frightening people whom we simply want to protect for their own good.

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However, this difficult with teenagers since it is not difficult for most of them to have the parental email sent to themselves. Again, with the onset of mobile devices it is a good idea to teach young people what to look out for on anonymous chat Websites and how to shut them down.

Often, that effort is not seen in the light in which it was intended.

Authority figures are forced to tread gently when they really want to be emphatic in warning the people they need to warn to avoid turning them off entirely.

Because of this inevitable situation, persons in authority must take appropriate steps to prevent vulnerable individuals from being victims of their own naivete.

Parents and authority figures need to take a resoundingly unpopular stand by curtailing potentially dangerous behavior on the part of their kids and charges by establishing a mechanism which ideally prevents impressionable individuals from engaging in risky behavior which could later come back to hurt them.

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