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You can choose a status (online, away, not disturbed, invisible or offline) to show up next to your name.

For Mac users: Go to "File" and "Change Status." For Windows users: Click "Skype" on the left-hand side of menu bar and select "Online Status." For Mac users: Go to "Skype" at the upper left-hand corner and select "Preferences." You’ll see your settings along the top.

For Windows users: Go to "Call" and click "Audio settings." Below it, you’ll see "Video settings." Once you're in the settings page, here’s what to check for: When setting up your account, you may have already been asked if you would like to change your profile picture.

To change this and more, click on your name on the upper left-hand corner and all your profile settings will appear.

Under "General" you can choose if you want to double-click on a contact to start a call, enable Skype to launch when your computer starts and more.Whether you're traveling internationally or want to save money when calling others, Skype has become a great option because it's accessible through computers, phones, tablets, home phones, TVs and even devices like your Xbox One. This means you'll be able to share, like, comment and view updates from your Facebook friends.On the Facebook News Feed in Skype, you can hover your mouse over your friend’s update, which will show if she is available for phone or video calling.Numbers across the web will be marked "free" if local businesses partners have decided to pick up the cost of your calls.This is especially useful when you're browsing the web and want to make a free call to a business.

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