Single kurdish dating

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That turns out to be important for how Kurds interact with the rest of the region (more on this later).

Regardless, the Kurds clearly think of themselves as a distinct ethnic group today, and the people who live near them tend to agree.

But there's an interesting history to that identity.

"It is extremely doubtful that the Kurds form an ethnically coherent whole in the sense that they have a common ancestry," scholar David Mc Dowall writes in his widely acclaimed history of the Kurdish people.

However, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reversed course, building up trade ties with Iraq's Kurds.

Under the current arrangement, the Baghdad government is supposed to handle Kurdish oil sales.

They then take the proceeds and divvy them up among the different regions. So they've been testing out the waters on selling oil directly, largely to Turkey.

What's happening right now is part of a much longer story for the Kurds, one involving a century-long struggle for independence that may be nearing a turning point.

Here's a guide for what you need to know about the Kurds, why the US is so eager to protect them, and how they got to this unique position within the Middle East. Christian Marquardt/Getty Images The Kurds are often referred to as one of the largest ethnic groups in the world with no state of their own.

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