Sister dating

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Except that she does it at times when it's impossible for them to do anything.Then, when they do have the chance to do it, she pushes him away with excuses about why she can't make love.And that means he can't trust the girls not to sabotage his marriage, even if they do say they accept him not getting a divorce.After having learned all this from my "boyfriend ", and seeing what a great guy he is, I obviously felt he deserved better.One such misunderstanding is why I call him my "brother " and why he calls me his "sister ".You see, before we even met, my "boyfriend " told me about the problem in his marriage.

If it happened once or twice, it would be understandable.Except, of course, they also have to accept the fact that he won't divorce his wife.What makes him reluctant is the fact that he's American, because that makes him a prime marriage catch regardless of his age.For example, whenever they had a really big fight, usually about sex, and didn't talk for a few days.Or when he'd stop paying attention to her completely, when she'd gone a couple of months without giving him sex.

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