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Activities consume some memory, so that you can go back to the app and pick up where you left off.Activities are usually not able to run computations in the background, so no CPU or battery is used for them.

In essence, they're just making manual task management easier for you.See also: Do I really need to install a task manager?Most apps (e.g., ones you launch manually) have their current Activity put into the background when you switch to another app or the homescreen.By using an app like Permissions Denied you can alter which permissions apps can request, which in turn limits which events they can receive. Proceed with caution, especially with critical system apps.Or you can use an app like Autostarts (paid app) to edit specifically which Intents will be sent to which apps. You can use an app like Titanium Backup or App Quarantine to complete freeze apps so that they can't run at all. Greenify (require Android 4.0 and ROOT privilege) use a different approach called "Hibernation", from traditional "Freezing".

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