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Today, Ugaritic studies continue to be at the forefront of Northwest Semitic philology due to their unique linguistic and literary contributions to our knowledge of the second millennium BCE.New discoveries indicate a permanent revision of earlier reconstructions.

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First, the publication of the new texts recovered in the excavations from 1994 to 2002 from the thirteenth century BCE structure known as Urtenu’s House have completed the publication of this “library.” These include diplomatic correspondence from the king of Alasia to the high administrator Urtenu about horses, scribes, prisoners, and the principal export of Cyprus, copper.

Linked to the publication of new texts is the new edition of the series or KTU, the standard reference source for Ugaritic consonantal material.

Administrative matters include the organization of the Ugaritic city-state, transfers of property, and management of prisoners of war.

The corpus of letters is the only section of Ugarit texts that is waiting for a fresh revision.

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