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The governing body is holding an investigation, in cooperation with the local authority.“The school is running normally and we won’t be commenting further.” The prospectus for the school, which opened in 2003, states that “appropriate and sensible sex education is an important element in the work of the school in preparing students for adult life”.Another student added: “Apparently we’re the ones ruining the school’s reputation.But we aren’t the ones having sexual relations in the head’s office.” The school was recently awarded a “double excellent” status in the latest Estyn report, the Welsh equivalent of Ofsted, the education watchdog.But your school does not have the right to use the policy to disfavor a specific message or single out one particular group of students. For example, a dress code that prohibits “gang-related” apparel but is only enforced against Black students would be race discrimination and against the law. Many schools do have different dress code policies for boys and girls.But some differences in dress codes may not be okay.The school and Swansea city and county council said it was “inappropriate to comment”.

The head teacher was not at his detached bungalow in Ammanford, West Wales, yesterday.

They were told an external investigation was being held and the matter would be dealt with “in the fairest way possible”.

The video has since been taken down from You Tube and pupils have been banned from talking about it on social media sites.

But your school can prohibit you from wearing clothing with “indecent, obscene, or lewd” messages or clothing that causes a “substantial disruption” in school or school-related activities.

It can also prohibit clothing that promotes drug use.

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