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Once inside, I shut the door behind me and saw Twilight by the book shelves organizing some books. I was startled by Discord sudden appearance and I held my hoof to my heart. I need help."Spike, Jeff and Peewee then came down the stairs and noticed Discord in the middle of the room. We all watched in awe at the sight of the grand fire that burned in front of us.

I'm sure there's other places you can have your date." He said trying to make things better. I walked up to the library and stopped at the door; I let out another sigh before I pushed the door open and walked into the library. "We can't go to that restaurant we were planning on going to tonight, it's closed." I admitted. A few seconds later, Discord appeared in a flash of light in the middle of the main room."Matt, I need your help…fast." He yelled with a worried look on his face. Hahaha." Luna laughed nervously."Well you can sit with us, can't she Twi? A few minutes later, I saw a royal guard climb over the barrier with a lit touch in his mouth, he walked over to the pile of, threw the touch onto it and it quickly burst into flames before the royal guard walked back over to the barrier.

Jeff then flew up onto my head and squinted his eye as he leaned closer to the door the read the sign. "After he read the note, Jeff jumped down off my head and looked up at me. He then thought of something and slowly turned his head to Celestia. We were teenagers in an academy taught by Star Swirl the Bearded and I was second best in the class while Luna was third best. She then climbed onto my back and wrapped the arms around my neck before she rested her head on the back of my neck and closed her eyes.

I then snapped back into reality and turned my head to face Jeff. Back home no girl would even think about dating me. "Right, all we have to do is go in, book the table for night and then we can go-AW DAMN IT." I yelled in shock. The princess banished Grimerd from Canterlot and was never to return."When Celestia stopped there, Discord gave her a concerned look. It turned out, he stole back his book on forbidden magic before he was banished and spent his years of banishment learning new and more deadly spells. I gently leaned my body to the bed before Twilight slowly rolled off my back and onto the bed.I'm just glad I'm back home at the library with the pony I love. He fiddled with his fingers as he became more nervous. Celestia then tapped her chin as she thought about it. I accidently used it to wright a letter once." She said with a smile before she let out a small laugh. Once they both calmed down, they looked back down at the fire and there was a moment silence between them until Discord broke it. You are beautiful and charming, no doubt about it…. He was handsome, strong and was almost more powerful than Star Swell. "Yeah, you're right, we should go and…(yawn)…get some…sleep." she said as she started to doze off again. "She's very lucky to have a coltfriend like you, Matthew." She whispered. "And I'm lucky to have a girlfriend like her." I whispered. I turned my head around to face her with a curious look on my face. The train station might be closed at this time so….would you like me to get you and Twilight Sparkle home? As a friendly offer." Luna asked with a nervous smile. In a flash of light, we reappeared in the main room of the library.Discord is doing well at the castle as the new bell ringer; I've even heard that ponies in Canterlot get up early in the morning to listen to the smoothing rhythm of the castle bells. Discord then became less nervous and gave her a small smile. "Well…this is a nice place to have a date."Celestia kept her sight on the fire. Celestia turned her head to face him before looking down at the ground. You're a beautiful and charming mare that any stallion would be lucky to date."Celestia then gave him a surprised look before Discord's eyes widened once he realized what he just said. I mean…errr." Discord then started to sweat as he blushed from embarrassment. And the last stallion I liked didn't really go well." She then frowned slightly as she looked down at the floor. But one day, we discovered why he was so good at magic. Hearing this made Luna's ears lower slightly but she tried to keep her small smile up."Well, goodnight Luna. I turned my head to look at Twilight on my back to see she was still asleep and I smiled at her again. "Thanks Luna, you're a life saver." I said with a warm smile. Me and Twilight then looked at each other before we also looked back at the fire. I'll be here to comfort you."Once she heard that, she gave him a warm smile before she took a deep breath and began to talk about her past. Me and Twilight then heard a small whimper and looked at Luna and noticed the sad look on her face."Princess, are you ok? "Oh….it's nothing….really." she said with a small forced smile before she looked back at the fire.

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