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Seeming to support breastfeeding gives formula companies a chance to reach this target market.

Says lactation consultant Emma Pickett: “Formula companies have leaflets, areas of their websites and more claiming to give helpful advice on breastfeeding, but which often makes it sound difficult.

But the products they suggest mothers move on to - follow-on formula and growing-up milks - are both expensive and, according to the World Health Organisation and Department of Health, unnecessary.” These follow-on’ (aimed at 6 to 12 month-olds) and ‘growing-up’ milk (for over ones) were only introduced to get around the ban on formula advertising, Brady claims: “Standard formula can be used for 12 months - as the labels say.

Money spent on formula and related products brings vast profit in to supermarkets and other retailers.Of course, this may all have been a series of blunders; a bad day at Babies R Us.But, it’s an interesting insight into the negative attitudes to breastfeeding that exist in our culture, often so engrained that even a major retailer of baby products doesn’t recognise them as in any way discouraging to mothers. No longer allowed to directly market formula as a product – advertising it has been banned since 1995, in recognition of the importance of breastfeeding - manufacturers and others who profit from the sales continue to use other, subtler ways to make their sales.How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?Although infants can normally be breastfed up until they turn into small children of about one or two years-old, some children just can't get enough breastfeeding to give it up during their toddler years and decide to continue it for a few additional years (between two and four years-old). Your child won't be attached to your breast their entire life.

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