Who does shantel vansanten dating

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Most women, if you ask, will say they want “a man who makes them laugh,” and that was the first way they really connected after she totally geeked out on him and his forensics reports.

They connect through telling the same jokes and understanding each other, so moving forward there’s a lot of that — a lot of nerdiness, a lot of scientific conversations.

TVLINE arc) is it makes it easy for your family to find you on TV. You don’t have a whole lot of places to put your hands, wearing the giant belt with the flashlight, a gun, you have cuffs, you have a badge…. That kind of plays into it all as well, because Patty wants trust and communication, to be treated as an equal partner.

I can’t tell you how many fans have told me they watched , playing the assistant district attorney, I spent two weeks with some of the police force here in L. — I did ride-alongs and I practiced shooting, because my father [on the show, played by Terry O’Quinn] was the head of the Gang Task Force, so I would have known all that stuff.

Though they are no more together, but they are also great and best friends.

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Well, we have a really, really fun date episode coming up [on Nov.

We saw how Joe begrudgingly allowed Patty onto the Metahuman Task Force. Joe is one you have to slowly win over, and with Patty’s sensibility and humor, he “finds her interesting” is the best way to say it. TVLINE they spend so much time together, does Patty get wind of the fact that Joe’s ex-wife, Francine, is back in town?

As we’ve seen in her debut episode and going forward, her determination and her will in fighting metahumans — for her, one in particular [Mark Mardon aka Weather Wizard] — starts to win him over. Of course, she’s going to sense that things are off — and Patty isn’t one who shies away from prying.

It’s difficult, though, because everybody has secrets — Joe especially, working with The Flash and S. I also think that Joe’s a very guarded person, so it’s going to take some time to get him to open him up, whereas with Barry and her, they kind of just hit it off.

She and Barry have that same humor and kindred spirit, their love for science and the will to protect their city, so they connect on a lot of different levels.

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