Who is alex evans dating

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I used to make visuals for Warp Records and others as 'bluespoon', and learnt to program largely thanks to the demoscene (as 'statix').

I've always been interested in using code directly to create moving images, and all of the above falls under that broad category.

I'm not a Mac expert, and I loathe Xcode every time I try to use it. Between GLFW, Port Audio, Sean Barrett's stb libraries, Open GL and the C standard library, I have everything I need to tinker with musical and visual experiments, with a minimum of fuss and API learning.

I avoid larger or higher level libraries; I find peace in understanding more or less how my code is working, down to the CPU/GPU level.

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He believes we can use “our powers of collective story-telling to imagine a future in which it all goes right, creating a myth about redemption and restoration that adds up, if you like, to an Eden 2.0”. Obviously this requires us – the inhabitants of the developed world – to change our ways, individually and communally, to consume less and share more, and to accept that there are proper limits to economic growth.

He believes we are in the old Last Chance Saloon, even though he is honest enough to acknowledge that in a great many respects things are getting better.

There have been worldwide improvements in life expectancy, literacy, and agriculture; we have the ability to feed everybody. It’s also for Evans a question of how we think of ourselves and the world.

My name is Alex Evans, and I'm a co-founder at Play Station game makers Media Molecule (Little Big Planet, Tearaway).

I'm mostly responsible for the look of games (the 'graphics engine', as we call it), as I seem to care more about how they look than how they play.

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