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Her first marriage was to Adam Horovitz, a member of the Beastie Boys, and she is presently married to musician Ben Lee.

In 2009, Sky gave birth to a daughter, Goldie Priya Lee.

That feeling is not something to entertain because it only separates me from my true nature.

In an interview with Harper Simon, you mention how your mother was a “pot dealer” when you were growing up, and your childhood was a strange balance between chaos and grounding. This exposure normalized pot as cool, something to do in moderation.

In her late teens, she dated Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.Inspired by her daughter and her own childhood experiences, Skye wrote a children's book called spoke with Ione Skye to discuss ego and how drugs and alcohol affected her career.When people explain how they got sober, they often talk about a moment of clarity when they realized enough was enough.My inner life suffered, and my relationships as well.At the beginning of your career, you were seen as the classical pure and innocent young girl.

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