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They helped me get the job, and we did some fight scenes with Chuck. How did the role of Jason come your way in “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood”?That was John Buechler who was a makeup F/X guy on a movie I did called “Prison." I played the killer in the big makeup. I don’t know when I’ll do it, but, I’m sure I’ll do it at some point.No plot, stupid young people doing stupid things while these Muck people hide in the shadows and pick them off one by one. trilogy of retro-slasher movies, among many other roles. The production company Masterfully Macabre Entertainment announced today that it has finished work on an in-depth documentary called .There’s always some kind of action that I have to do when I’m cast in a role, but there have been a couple of times where there wasn’t any action. I played a cop, but I didn’t have any action to do. If I know them that well, they’ll write the stunts consulting with me to make sure they’re as visual as they can be. Yeah, go through the whole script with the director and make suggestions. It can be days or even weeks of preparation figuring out how to do it the safest way possible.Not that all your suggestions will be good, but you’ll make suggestions that maybe more visual. The whole point is to make something look dangerous and scary, and have it be somewhat safe. What is the most elaborate stunt you ever set up or performed? Then there was a movie I did called “Fair Game,” where I, along with three other stunt people, had to jump from a flying helicopter to a moving train.There’s a good one from “Jason X," the frozen head that I smash. It’s a great business, but it will be slow to get going if you don’t have a previous family member in the business.Do you enjoy working on projects where you are only hired as an actor? I mean it’s interesting because it doesn’t happen very often. At what point are you, the stunt coordinator, usually brought into a film? Sometimes very early to where you help the director or the writer design the stunts.

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What made you want to continue to keep playing the role? I thought it was a real fun role to do, and I didn’t think anyone had really done much with it. Is it still your all time fav, or do you have a new one? I like a couple of them from “Hatchet." There was ripping the lady’s head apart by the jaw. What’s the favorite kind of stunt you get to perform? Even though I got burned up doing a fire scene, I still like doing them. If you don’t know anyone in the business, be prepared to starve for a long time.

But they will soon find out that the lucky ones are already dead.

Muck is packed with old-school gore effects and brutal stunts, without and CGI or apologies.

Paramount has not released a reason for the date change, however, some have speculated that they didn’t want to compete with this movie.

MUCK has been showing a large, and still growing, fan base.

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